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Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, STS BIOTECH(WUXI)CO.,LTD is a Germany factory established in China in 2003 year.
Q: What's the standard or specification your company adopted?
A: Our company set up complete enterprise standard and specification, the mainly standard comes from Europe and China.
Q: What's the MOQ and delivery time?
A: The MOQ of pearl powder is 1kg; The MOQ of pearl powder capsule is 10000 pcs; The delivery time is about 5~14 days.
Pearl and pearl powder

Taihu Pearl, also known as Taihu beads, is one of the nine pearl varieties classified by origin.

Taihu pearl is freshwater pearls, shiny bright, grain round full, delicate and smooth, shaped good color, high hardness, than the major, good elasticity, genuine rate. Is precious ornaments, but also valuable medicine.

China Taihu Pearl is a cultivated freshwater pearl. Its grain of high quality, pure color, natural bright, crystal roll round, in the international market to enjoy the "Wuxi Taihu Pearl the world's first" reputation.

Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi has praised: "East Ball South Lake as the lake freshwater pearls." Pearl is both a valuable medicine, but also a senior tonic.

Form and Value

Taihu pearl is freshwater pearls, with bright shiny, full of round, delicate and smooth, shaped good color, high hardness, than the major, flexible, high rate of merit, it is both precious ornaments, but also valuable herbs. In the international market reputation, is an important commodity exports.

Freshwater pearls artificial breeding, as early as the Song Dynasty, "Wenchang Miscellanies" has been recorded: "There is a raising beads law, take a little clam clams, soaked in water, wait for its opening, anxious to cast ... ... frequency for water, " Wu County produced pearls accounted for 80% of the province's production. Before 2013, the product is pearl necklace, pearl pin, pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl Fu Rong cream, pearl perfume, pearl cool oil, pearl wine, pearl cola, pearl diarrhea, pearl powder, and so on more than ten kinds of high-level crafts, , Cosmetics, supplements, beverages and so on. Pearl heat and detoxification, cold, sweet, can be sedative, cough and phlegm, eyesight pain, convergence Sheng muscle, treatment of hypertension, elderly bronchitis, gastric ulcer, is pearl powder, Liushen pills, children rejuvenation Dan and other 20 kinds of proprietary Chinese medicine one of the important components. Pearl products also enhance the body function, promote metabolism, strengthen the body, anti-aging and other functions, as domestic and foreign markets on the popular goods.

Main Purpose

Taihu pearl with its color pure, natural bright, crystal clear and famous, Qing Empress Dowager Chester has a lot of use of freshwater pearl beauty, she has praised: "East Ball South Lake as the lake freshwater pearl." Taihu pearl not only can be used as ornaments to wear, but also medicine and oral.

Pearl powder is a Chinese herbal medicine that has been used for approximately 2,000 years. The treatment can be applied topically or taken orally, though until recently, oral treatments were not readily absorbed by the body. This treatment is most often used to improve the condition of the skin, though traditional Chinese medicine also uses it to treat certain liver conditions, to promote a sense of calmness, and as an antioxidant. Though there have been no clinical studies of this medication to test whether or not it is effective, anecdotal evidence has long touted the ability of pearl powder to promote a youthful appearance.

An organic gem, a pearl is made up of mostly calcium carbonate, water, and conchiolin, which is a natural material produced by the oyster. There are also traces of other minerals and materials in the pearl, as well as the grain of sand or other piece of small debris that initially caused the irritation in the oyster. Pearl powder is made by simply grinding up the pearl into a very fine dust. When taken orally, some of the molecules in the pearl can be absorbed, though methods that grind it into a fine enough powder to be of much use as a nutritional supplement have only recently been developed. The calcium absorbed from the pearl can have a beneficial effect on patients in much the same way that other calcium supplements do.

According to Chinese medical tradition, when pearl powder is rubbed on the skin, it promotes a youthful look by reducing redness and swelling and by clearing the skin of conditions such as acne and eczema. Pearl powder has been used for this purpose for thousands of years. The fine pieces of pearl can also be used to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells, and exposing the healthier skin below.

Chinese medicine also uses pearl powder as an oral medication to treat patients with too much tension, either in their bodies or in their minds. The pearl is believed to have a soothing effect on people, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and tension, and promoting a general sense of calmness. The anti-inflammatory effects of the powder seen by its application on the face are believed to also have anti-inflammatory effects on the rest of the body. Though none of these effects have been demonstrated by clinical trials, pearl powder is not believed to have any adverse effects.


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